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The 2010 fall election results are in, and (surprise) the FCN ponies have been defeated. For their tireless efforts I would like to present Kathy McDonald, Vinnie Bacon and the FCN faithful with their own unique gifts. Hopefully these items will keep them occupied over the coming months as they dwell on why they lost, despite obvious issues with our current council.

Kathy McDonald
Let’s get Mrs. McDonald out of the way first. She never had a chance, and was motivated only by her ego after co-founding the FCN. And when all is said and done, she probably siphoned away enough votes from Bacon to ensure his defeat. Thanks!

McDonald is not without attributes though. Her multitasking skills are such that she’s capable of forming an advocacy group to fight the threat of “violence and mayhem” resulting from a ballpark across the freeway from her Mission Hills home, while at the same time trying to sell that home for a profit. For the purpose of improving on this impressive skill, I present House Selling For Dummies.

Kathy, please consult the chapter on pricing your home. If you purchase an asset at the height of a bubble, it’s actually worth less after that bubble bursts, not $175,000 more. The best of luck to you in your future real estate endeavors.

Vinnie Bacon
In contrast to Kathy McDonald’s preeminent wannabe status, Vinnie Bacon is a viable council candidate who will be elected someday. I voted for him in 2008 but not in 2010. There are plenty of reasons why I rejected Bacon and wrote many times against his candidacy, both on this blog and elsewhere. Not being open minded to a transformative project supported by a sizable portion, if not majority of the city topped that long list.

Vinnie would probably have been a good council member. But in my opinion, he deserves to sit on the sidelines for another two years and think about the benefits of considering opposing views as valid. He needs to understand the importance of meeting in the middle, as well as the role of compromise in forging workable solutions that meet the goals of both sides (eg Patterson Ranch). This would be in place of his current mode of running around town opposing shit left and right.

For his efforts this time around, I present a book of stamps. Because for the the next two years his political career will be limited to licking stamps for the Sierra Club.

The Fremont Citizens Network Faithful
You guys are hard to shop for! But, I am certain that all 6 of you will enjoy my parting gift. Remember to use it sparingly, the next election is two full years away.


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