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Weibel Elementary amazes me. It is shocking to learn that children living in a housing development can be banned from attending Weibel as if it were a private school, owned wholly by the residents of the Mission Hills. We’re talking about a public school for Christ’s sake, paid for by you and me. Every child who lives within a reasonably set boundary should be able to attend. This is paramount what I consider fair, but unfortunately typical of some Mission Hills residents who covet their exclusivity.

In the past I estimated that Kathy McDonald’s involvement in politics — beginning with her opposition to the A’s ballpark in Warm Springs, then culminating to her directorship of the Fremont Citizen’s Network — has been in the interest of preserving her status and exclusivity.

Wrong I was, as it appears that the primary reason Kathy McDonald entered the political arena, the fire that ignited her “ire”, was her need to reconcile a bad residential investment and in doing so preserving her personal wealth.

In late 2008, at the peak of the FCN effort to oppose the A’s stadium, Kathy McDonald was gearing up to sell her $1,000,000+ home in the very neighborhood she claimed would be under the threat of “violence and mayhem” if a ballpark were to be built 2 miles across the freeway.

In June, 2009, after 4 months on the market, Kathy McDonald removed her Mission Hills home from the MLS where it was listed for $1.2 M. Regardless of having bought it at the peak of the bubble for 175K less, she was trying to make a hefty profit.

Now, I think it’s reasonable to ask what her actual motivation was for opposing the A’s ballpark. It certainly appears that she never intended to live in the neighborhood she so vigorously defended. Rather,it can be argued that her motivation for opposing the A’s ballpark was driven purely by the financial gain of selling her Mission Hills McMansion. Simply put, she resisted because a ballpark miles away, across Hwy 680 may have jeopardized the value of an ambitious residential purchase made during the real estate boom.

This is who you align yourself with Vinnie Bacon while you dwell in an apartment.


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