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There is rarely a period of dormancy in the politics of a major city, but when talking about Fremont, CA the lull emanates to all facets of city life. The calm is over as the pressing issue of our city pulled itself back into the forefront this week when the council discussed the nearly futile effort to bring the A’s to Fremont.

The A’s are not coming to Fremont. Now that we have that out of the way, we can discuss the lunar stylings of Candidate Moonbeam, Vinnie Bacon.

It is reported that at Tuesday’s meeting, Bacon challenged the sitting council’s effort to derail the closing of NUMMI. Bacon made this assertion despite the momentous forces at work – dismal economic conditions, Toyota left holding the bag, an over-compensated workforce and an antiquated factory, to name a few.

But, Vinnie is running for a council seat, and the usual dearth of integrity gets in the way when a political campaign is underway. Bacon is quoted as saying:

“4,700 workers are now dealing with the trauma of losing their jobs. In my opinion [the Fremont city council’s] actions really let these workers down.”

Bacon later expounded that the council and mayor were preoccupied with the stadium and “should’ve focused on restoring the manufacturing jobs”

All this while the entire nation is in the worst recession in 70 years, Bacon apparently would have done better, though he himself has yet to articulate any specific steps he would take as a sitting council member to develop the NUMMI site.

Bacon will talk heartily about the importance of bringing “green tech” jobs to our city. He is even as bold as to present the cultivation of “green tech” jobs as a metric to judge the current council’s success. Although, he is more than willing to gloss over the construction of the new Solyndra fab plant, a project that was surely facilitated by the current council and mayor.

Bacon later retracted by writing “I was not implying that the City could’ve saved NUMMI by doing something.”

But he thought he’d bring it up anyway. A politician will say anything to get elected.


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